Top best Fashion Stores like H&M for Budget friendly apparel

Top 10 Fashion Stores Like H&M

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is one of the biggest fast fashion retailers in the world. The company was founded in Sweden in 1947 and has grown rapidly since then to have over 5,000 stores across 74 countries. They are a fashion store that sells affordable and stylish clothing for men, women, teenagers and kids. The company now has over 5000 stores around the world.

H&M is known for its fast-fashion business model. This means they quickly design new clothes based on the latest trends and get them into stores very fast. Prices are low because H&M makes clothes in large volumes and keeps costs down.

Store like HM

Many people love H&M because you can get fun fashion at good prices. A t-shirt may cost $5-10 and a dress $15-30. This makes H&M perfect for people on a budget or those who just want new stylish clothes all the time without spending too much.

There are other similar stores that serve as good alternatives to H&M, it might intrest you to know that you can get similar product at these stores at competitive and yet budget-friendly prices.

If you are looking for similar stores like H&M, check out the below alternatives.


Top 10 Fashion Stores Like H&M

1. Zara


Zara is a Spanish clothing brand with over 2000 stores globally. They are known for fast fashion similar to H&M. New arrivals come in twice a week to keep up with the latest trends. Prices are also cheap like H&M, with most items under $50. Zara tends to appeal to a slightly older and more sophisticated customer than H&M. They are popular for workwear including blazers, dresses and trousers. Zara also has a minimalist aesthetic for basics like t-shirts, jeans and coats.

Key Benefits:

  • Twice-weekly new arrivals
  • Sophisticated workwear
  • Affordable prices


2. Forever 21

Forever 21

Forever 21 is an American fast fashion brand with over 800 stores. It targets a younger audience similar to H&M with clothes for teenagers and those in their early 20s. They carry all the latest trends like crop tops, distressed jeans and bomber jackets. Most items cost between $5-25 making it one of the cheapest stores. Forever 21 is known for accessories too like jewelry, handbags and shoes. The styles are fun and bold but sometimes the quality isn’t the greatest.

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Key Benefits:

  • Caters to teenagers and early 20s
  • Super low prices
  • Trendy accessories


3. Uniqlo


Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand with over 2000 stores worldwide. Their style is minimalist basics and casual wear like t-shirts, jeans, underwear and jackets. The quality and fabrics are better than fast fashion brands but prices remain affordable, usually under $50. Uniqlo is popular for Heattech warm layers and Ultra Light Down jackets. Stores also stock collaborations with designers and brands like JW Anderson. The style works for casual everyday wear.

Key Benefits:

  • Quality basics
  • Affordable pricing
  • Functional technology like Heattech


4. Mango


Mango is a Spanish fashion brand with over 2000 stores globally. It sits between fast fashion and mid-priced brands, a slight step up from H&M. Mango has stylish contemporary clothing for young professionals and working women rather than teenagers. Their styles mix office wear like blazers and pants with dresses and jeans for weekends. Most items cost $50-100. Mango is known for accessories too like handbags, jewelry and shoes.

Key Benefits:

  • Contemporary workwear
  • Accessories range
  • Higher quality than fast fashion


5. GAP


GAP is an American clothing brand found in over 90 countries. They sell classic casual clothing like hoodies, t-shirts, jeans and khakis for men, women and kids. Prices are affordable from $15-$50 for most items. While GAP’s style is basic, the quality and fit tend to be better than fast fashion brands. They also often collaborate with designers like Zandra Rhodes for capsule collections. GAP is a go-to for basics and denim.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable classic American style
  • Quality basic denim and tees
  • Designer collaborations


6. COS


COS is a Swedish brand owned by H&M that sells contemporary minimalist style clothing. The quality and design are more elevated than H&M with clean lines and modern shapes. They focus on investment pieces like coats, dresses and knitwear for $50-$150. COS has a neutral color palette with pops of color and natural fabrics. The brand appeals to those who like simple, sophisticated style.

Key Benefits:

  • Elevated design and fabrics
  • Investment pieces
  • Minimalist aesthetic


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7. Topshop


Topshop is a British fashion brand with over 500 stores worldwide. Their style is trend-driven clothing for young women. Topshop is known for every day staples like mom jeans, bodysuits and jumpsuits. They also quickly adopt celebrity and runway trends. Most items cost $10-$80 making Topshop an affordable fast fashion stop for what’s new. Topshop frequently collaborates with supermodels and designers for capsule collections.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable fast fashion
  • Quick adoption of trends
  • Celebrity and model collaborations




ASOS is a UK online fashion and beauty store. They sell over 850 brands as well as their own affordable line. The ASOS own brand includes clothing, shoes and accessories. Delivery is fast with new styles added daily. ASOS appeals to younger customers given the mix of emerging and fast fashion brands. Their platform makes shopping for the latest trends easy in one place. Prices range from inexpensive to mid-range.

Key Benefits:

  • Online fast fashion hub
  • Trend-driven own brand
  • Mix of affordable and mid-range


9. Pull & Bear

Pull Bear

Pull & Bear is a Spanish fast fashion brand from the same owners as Zara. They cater to teens and young adults with a casual streetwear aesthetic. Expect oversized t-shirts, joggers, hoodies and denim. Pull & Bear jumps quickly on trends like logos and ’90s inspired fashion. Most items cost $10-30 making it an affordable option. While quality can be mixed, the styles are fun and on-trend.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable streetwear
  • Trend-driven casuals
  • Part of Inditex group (Zara)


10. Bershka


Bershka is another H&M alternative, it’s a Spanish fast fashion brand from the same owners as Zara and Pull & Bear. They target teenagers and 20-somethings with fun and adventurous style. Bershka carries women’s and men’s clothing with the latest trends like vinyl pants, corset tops and neon colors. Their accessories are eye-catching too with bags, jewelry and shoes. Most prices are under $40. The quality isn’t the best but the affordable pricing matches constant new arrivals.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast fashion for teenagers
  • Trendy adventurous styles
  • Affordable pricing on clothes and accessories



H&M made fast fashion accessible to the masses with its affordable and stylish clothing. There are now many other great stores like H&M to also shop for cheap chic fashion. Brands like Zara, Forever 21 and Topshop let you dress on-trend for less. Or opt for Uniqlo and COS for higher quality basics and minimalism. The accessibility and variety today in fast fashion makes is easy to affordably stay stylish.

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What is H&M known for?

H&M is known for fast fashion. They quickly translate catwalk trends into affordable stylish clothes for men, women, teens and kids. The low prices and frequent new arrivals make H&M a go-to for cheap chic style.

What age group shops at H&M?

H&M targets a wide demographic. Teenagers and those in their 20s-30s are the core customers. But all ages shop there for the mix of trendy and basic affordable clothing.

Is H&M good quality?

As fast fashion, H&M’s quality is lower than premium brands. But items hold up reasonably well for the low costs. Quality varies across items, with basic tees and other staples usually decent. More delicate or embellished items won’t have the best construction.

How often does H&M restock new items?

Most H&M stores get fresh arrivals 2-3 times per week. Larger flagships may get daily deliveries. This constant flow of new stock is essential for fast fashion. H&M wants customers to keep coming back to see what’s new.

Does H&M have sales?

Yes, H&M has seasonal sales and offers. There are often discounts like 20% off or special prices on select items. Bigger sales happen during the summer around June-July and in January after the holidays. Clearance sales target out-of-season items.

What sustainability efforts does H&M have?

H&M aims to use more sustainable cotton and other eco-friendly materials in its clothes. They have recycling programs in store where customers can return old textiles to be reused. H&M also sells a Conscious sustainable fashion line of products made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and more.

Does H&M ship online orders?

Yes, H&M has an online store with shipping in many countries. Order delivery times vary from 1-5 days typically. Shipping fees also apply, with free delivery sometimes offered above order minimums that change. In store pickup of online orders is available at some locations too.

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