How to Go Shopping on a Budget Finestvibes

Shopping on a Budget Finestvibes

It’s no secret that fashion isn’t cheap, and anyone who gets a thrill out of some serious shopping will also be familiar with the not-so-thrilling dent left in their bank account, post-spree. That’s why a budget for your shopping trip can often be very useful and help to control your spending with a limit.


However, the problem with a budget is that it can seem difficult to shop for everything you want. Nevertheless, it can be a fun challenge, and worth trying, so if you’re shopping on a budget of $100, here are some tips for you.


1. Implement the ‘three outfits’ rule

One of the most useful rules to set for yourself when shopping on a budget is the ‘three outfits’ rule. Essentially, when it comes to anything you’re considering purchasing, try to work out whether you can make three outfits from it using clothes you already own. If not, it’s probably not the best fit for your wardrobe.


2. Check out low-end stores for your basics

Basics are always a key element of any wardrobe, so what’s the point in spending $50 on a plain white t-shirt just because it’s from a high-end store? Of course, we appreciate quality, but you can still find some high-quality basics from more affordable stores, and this leaves you with more cash to spend on your accent pieces.



3. Avoid falling for clever marketing tactics

The second you step into a clothing store, you’ll be flooded by clever marketing techniques, such as sales, offers and deals. While some of these can be great and even beneficial to you, it’s important that you don’t end up buying products from these promotions just for the sake of it. We get a rush when we think we’ve saved money, but it’s important that you avoid purchasing anything unless you truly love it, not just the price you’re willing to pay.

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4. Always try before you buy

Of course, there may be the possibility you can return any items that don’t fit your or you’re unhappy with (and you should check the store policy for this, just in case), but we don’t always have the time for that. Instead, try on your outfits before you buy them, to save time, money, and unnecessary journeys in the future.


5. Take a look at the sale

While sales are traditionally a store’s opportunity to clear any old season pieces or outdated items, you can always find some gems in the clearance section. Shopping at Finestvibes is worth taking a look here, and even purchasing your clothes for the opposite season if you’re on a tight budget, as anything from the last season is always on sale.


6. Sneak a peek in the menswear section

Although it’s not logical, menswear is often cheaper than womenswear, and you can find some great items if you venture outside the space of your usual rails. Products such as jeans can be more affordable from the menswear department and, who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite piece!

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